💸Token Redemptions

$GAMER token is not live yet. Tokens will not be redeemable until the token goes live with our exchange partners. Please note any tokens earned during the beta period will be redeemable 1 to 1 when the token is officially launched.

USDC redemptions are live! If you wish to redeem your USDC you must pass KYC verification.

Redemptions allow you to move the cash and crypto you've earned on GamerGains to a Web3 or external wallet of your choice. Simply follow the instructions and videos below to redeem any earned tokens!

How do I redeem cash and crypto from GamerGains?

  1. Make sure your account is KYC verified. You can verify here: https://gamergains.com/user/settings/profile

  2. Navigate to the wallet page here: https://gamergains.com/user/wallet

  3. Hit the redeem button on the balance you would like to redeem.

  4. Choose MetaMask or External Wallet.

  5. Input your wallet address, the amount you want to redeem and click redeem!

How to Create a Web3 Wallet

Do I need to have a crypto wallet to start earning?

Third-party non custodial wallets are not required to start earning. After sign up, users will automatically have a GamerGains wallet generated for them. Additionally, users may take their earned tokens to self custody by redeeming in their wallet page.

When can I redeem my $GAMER tokens?

$GAMER token is currently not live. All tokens earned during the beta period will be redeemable 1:1 when the token goes live.

Do I need to be KYC verified to redeem?

Yes, you must pass KYC verification to redeem any asset from the GamerGains platform. You can complete verification by submitting proof of identity and following the other steps provided here: https://gamergains.com/user/settings/profile

Do I need a Web3 wallet to redeem on GamerGains?

You can redeem your crypto to the wallet of your choice. Whether you choose a Web3 Wallet or an external wallet of your choice - it's easy to redeem crypto from GamerGains. If you wish to use a Web3 Wallet we recommend using MetaMask until we support other wallets. Download MetaMask: https://metamask.io/

Is there a minimum amount to redeem USDC?

The minimum amount to redeem USDC is $1.00 USDC.

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