Token Redemptions

$GAMER token is not live yet. Tokens will not be redeemable until the token goes live with our exchange partners. Please note any tokens earned during the beta period will be redeemable 1 to 1 when the token is officially launched.
Your $GAMER tokens accrue directly in your GamerGains account. After you reach a certain threshold, the tokens can be redeemed directly to a non-custodial wallet. Please note after the closed beta, there may be an associated blockchain and GamerGains transaction fee to redeem your tokens.
Do I need to have a crypto wallet to start earning?
Third-party non custodial wallets are not required to start earning. After sign up, users will automatically have a GamerGains wallet generated for them. Additionally, users may choose to use their own 3rd party self-custodial wallet to redeem tokens.
When can I redeem my tokens?
$GAMER token is currently not live. All tokens earned during the beta period will be redeemable 1:1 when the token goes live. The GamerGains team is aiming to launch the token in 2023, however there is no concrete time set.