Participants and Stakeholders


GamerGains caters to players of traditional games. Users of the GamerGains platform have the ability to earn utility tokens by completing different in-game activities such as:
  • Completing challenges for their favorite games
  • Reaching in-game goals
  • Winning Contests and Tournaments
  • Placing on top of the leaderboards

Community Contributors

In addition to challenges and contests created by the GamerGains platform, users will be able to create their own skill based contests and challenges. This will enrich the variety of the challenges and further engage the community through events and self-organized tournaments.

Gaming Titles

GamerGains interacts with the most popular games in the world by ingesting and collecting game data. The platform automates this data collection through our desktop app and official game API's.
The long-term goals include a more involved relationship with some of the publishers and game development studios. The studios would get another layer of communication with new and existing players by integrating with the GamerGains platform.
Last modified 6mo ago