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The way you experience GamerGains has just been taken to the next level. Earning cash and crypto playing the games you already love is now available straight from your desktop!

What is the GamerGains Desktop App?

The GamerGains desktop app allows all Gamers to earn crypto playing their favorite games without ever leaving the game you are playing. The app is available inside of the most popular gaming titles using configurable shortcuts.

How it Works

  • Launch the app from your desktop or the Overwolf Library

  • Login to your GamerGains account

  • Open one of the supported games

  • Press “CTRL + SHIFT + D” to launch the app inside one of our supported games

  • Accept challenges inside of the app and start earning crypto!

  • Track the progress of your challenges in real-time by holding “TAB” inside of the game

  • Get rewarded in $GAMER and $USDC

Enhanced Features

Accept Challenges Directly In-Game

We brought the GamerGains experience inside of your favorite games! Simply press “CTRL + SHIFT + D” to launch the app and accept challenges as you play.

Automated Real-Time Challenge Progression

You no longer need to click a button to check the progress of your challenges, they are now updated in real-time! Simply press and hold “TAB” to open in the in-game overlay to track your challenges. Sit back, game and gain — we’ll take care of the rest.

Why do I need the GamerGains Desktop App?

The desktop app is required to run in the background as you are playing a game in order to complete challenges, contests and tournaments.

Support Games

  • Apex Legends

  • CS:GO

  • Fortnite

  • Dota 2

  • PUBG (Coming Soon)

  • Rocket League

Please note you will need to Connect your Epic Games account to participate in Fortnite and Rocket League challenges.

How do I know if a challenge requires the Desktop App?

If you see the Overwolf icon on a challenge card, this means that the desktop app is required to be running in the background to complete or participate in a given challenge.

Desktop App Hotkeys

  • Open/Close App in Game: CTL + SHIFT + D

  • View Challenge Overlay: Hold TAB

How to Edit Hotkeys

1. Click on the Settings Gear on the Top Right Header

2. Open Overlay & Hotkeys and Select a Game

3. Edit Your Hotkeys

Troubleshooting if Tracking Doesn't Work

  1. Ensure you have tracking enabled by hitting the Settings gear located on the top right of the GamerGains Desktop App

  1. If you have tracking enabled, and you are still experiencing issues try the following:

    1. Hit the power button on the top right of the GamerGains app.

    2. Completely close out Steam, Epic Games, and any games you are running.

    3. Re-open the GamerGains app and then the game you're trying to play.

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