What is GamerGains?
GamerGains is a crypto gaming platform that lets any gamer earn and wager crypto playing their favorite PC, Xbox and Playstation games.
How does it work?
Gamers connect their Steam, Xbox or Playstation account to the GamerGains platform. Once connected, users can opt into challenges that let them earn while playing. For example, play CS:GO for 3 hours a day and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. Gamers can also enter in wager matches, contests and tournaments.
How do I get access to the GamerGains platform?
Starting October 11, 2022, we’ll be inviting people off of the waitlist to start earning $GAMER token and stablecoin (USDC) to start earning while playing. Head over to to join the waitlist.
What platforms will you support?
For the initial release, we'll be supporting the ability for PC gamers to earn by playing games on the Steam platform. Follow our socials for future updates as we continue to onboard additional platforms like PlayStation and Xbox.
I don’t have a crypto wallet, can I still earn crypto on GamerGains?
A crypto wallet is not necessary to start earning. When gamers want to redeem their earned crypto is when a crypto wallet becomes necessary. GamerGains advises all users to download Phantom, a Solana based wallet which will allow them to redeem their earned crypto once earned.
Phantom is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Brave, and more.
You can download Phantom by clicking the link below:
How many challenges can I complete a day?
During the beta period, users can complete all available challenges on the platform. In the future, challenges per day may be limited per user.
How do I get the OG Badge?
The OG badge was given out to the first 40k users who joined the server. The badge itself will appear on the platform's GamerGains profile. We are continuing to find ways to support our earliest community members and OG's as we get closer to launching the platform.
What countries are restricted from using GamerGains?
GamerGains cannot currently offer its services to users located in the following countries:
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Somalia
  • Yemen
How can I contact GamerGains?
Support Email: [email protected] Community Email: [email protected] Discord: For a quicker response, please use the Discord server link above in order to create a support ticket with our moderation team