Monetary Policy

While the practice of token economics and treasury management still has yet to mature, the GamerGains economy will follow the following fundamentals-based decisions in order to manage its economy taking into consideration of 1) historical treasury inflows, 2) optimized placement of token rewards across tested game features, 3) macroeconomic conditions and secondary market performance:
  • Finite token supply: The platform token will have finite supply of 10 billion tokens and will not be mintable after the TGE. The entire supply will therefore be minted throughout the launching event and then distributed according to the schedule in the previous section.
  • In-game reward budgeting: Per the platform’s iterative testing on the efficacy of token utilities, the treasury will naturally collaborate with the product team to determine how many tokens will be emitted from the treasury.
  • Treasury allocation: The game does not include token burning as one of the design elements, instead, all tokens collected by the platform will be directed to the Treasury, which will determine their future distribution.
  • Token Buyback Programs: should there be any difficulty in reabsorbing tokens even in high revenue and high cash flow scenarios, the treasury may decide to use their liquid balance(s) to purchase back $GAMER from the secondary market.
  • Advertisement & Sponsorship emissions: GamerGains partners will be able to reserve an allocation of GAMER to be emitted into the game; for example, a game publisher could reserve 1% of the supply in order to reward loyal players of their game.
  • Access benefits: a naturally premium feature, access gating exclusive experiences and sales will offer the most loyal users an upgraded and differentiated experience compared to their less loyal peers.