✅Getting Started

Currently in Beta, this page will be updated as we move toward a generally available release.

  1. Sign Up for GamerGains Creating a GamerGains account only takes 30 seconds. Get started by using using the registration link here. You can sign up using your email or with your Discord or Google account. Note: If you want to sign up with your Discord, you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Discord account. You can enable two-factor authentication by following the Discord guide here.

  2. Connect Your Steam and Epic Game Accounts After signing up, navigate to the the Settings Page to link your game accounts. Please keep in mind you can only link one Steam and one Epic Games account per GamerGains account. Please make sure you are logged into the correct account before linking it to GamerGains.

  3. Download the GamerGains App Download the App and launch it from your desktop or the Overwolf Library. Once the app is downloaded, login to your GamerGains account. Press “CTRL + SHIFT + D” to launch the app inside one of our supported games. Accept challenges and compete in contests inside of the app and start earning cash and crypto! Track the progress of your challenges in real-time by holding “TAB” inside of the game

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