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Contests allow gamers to connect their Steam or Epic Games accounts to participate in entirely automated gaming competitions.

What are Contests?

GamerGains contests take what used to be manual gaming competitions to a completely automated esports experience. GamerGains platform takes all of your gameplay statistics from certain game modes and puts you on a leaderboard against other contest participants. Depending on where you land on the leaderboard at the end of the competition, you will be paid a prize! With both both free and paid entry fees, users can compete for prizes settled in cash or crypto.

How do Contests Work?

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    Create a GamerGains account here. Be sure to link up your Steam and Epic Games accounts to verify your account.
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    Download our Desktop application here.
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    Join a contest and run the desktop app as you play. We'll track all of your games and statistics automatically.
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    At the end of the contest, we'll payout prizes depending on where you place on the leaderboard, it's that simple!

Contest FAQ's

How many contests can I join?
You can join as many contests as you want! There is no limit to the amount of contests you can participate in at the same time.
How are prizes distributed?
Prize distribution is different for every contest. The best way to look at this prize distribution is by clicking into a contest and seeing what placement receives what prize.
What games are contests supported for?
We currently support Contests for Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Rocket League
What are the entry fees for a contest?
We offer two types of contests, free or paid. Free contests require no upfront fee. Contests with an entry fee require a token payment to enter. When you enter a paid contest, tokens will be automatically deducted from your GamerGains contest.
For Free or Paid contests, you must have you Steam or Epic Games account connected.
How often does a contest leaderboard update?
Contest leaderboards update approximately every 60 seconds.
How do you combat smurfs?
GamerGains runs an unintrusive anti-cheat client in the background of the application. Additionally, we require KYC to verify your account and process redemptions.
Can I join a contest with a team?
As of now you cannot join with a team however we are working on this feature which should launch soon!
Can I create my own contest?
Not yet, we're also working on this feature!
How does GamerGains make money off of Contests?
GamerGains takes a fee out of the total prize amount of the contest that goes back to our treasury.
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