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Referral System

Earn $GAMER by referring your gaming friends to GamerGains


We’re always looking for ways to let our users and community earn $GAMER. The GamerGains team has created an entirely automated referral system. Our users and community can consistently earn $GAMER just by referring their friends!

How Does it Work?

  1. 1.
    Head over to your Referral Dashboard.
  2. 2.
    Copy an access link from your Referrals Dashboard.
  3. 3.
    Send the link to your gaming friends! Once they sign up and complete 5 challenges, you will both earn $GAMER.
Please note that during the beta, users are limited to 5 referral links per day. You can generate new access links every day at 12:00am UTC. Once the platform goes into Open Beta, users can refer as many users as they want.

Referral Tier System

Our referral system naturally rewards our users who refer the most gamers to GamerGains. The platform accomplishes this using a tiered reward system.
Referee = User who is referring a new user
Referral = User who accepts an invite from a Referee
Invite Amount
Referee Reward
Referral Award
20 $GAMER per Invite
30 $GAMER per Invite
40 $GAMER per Invite
50 $GAMER per Invite
100 $GAMER per Invite

Referral FAQ

How many users can I refer to GamerGains Beta?
As many as you want!
How much $GAMER will I get paid for referring users?
We’ve created a tier system to reward users who refer more users. You can see the different payouts for the different tiers above. Note that you will receive the payout for the Tier you are in but the user you refer will always receive 10 $GAMER.
What does the user I refer have to do?
In order to get paid, the user you refer has to complete 5 challenges.
When do referrals get paid?
Our referral system is completely automated! Once the user you refer completes 5 challenges, you will both receive your payout.
Do I get anything besides $GAMER for referring users?
Gamers love badges and so do we. For your first referral, you will receive a badge on your GamerGains profile. When you hit 50 referrals, you’ll receive another badge!
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