Token Value Flows and Interactions

Player Token Flows

The player interacts with the economic side of the platform through their account which is associated with a non-custodial wallet.
Having an account opens up the possibility of:
  • Creating and accepting challenges
  • Participating in skill based contests
  • Competing in leaderboards
  • Using the token to access a premium subscription for the platform.

Challenge Flows

In general, a challenge is a task or a set of tasks in a specific game that the player may complete in order to unlock an achievement and/or a token reward (for sponsored challenges). During early stages, challenges are added by GamerGains, but in the future they could come from community contributors or even game publishers. An example of a challenge is getting 10 headshots with a weapon in CS:GO.
Once a player accepts a challenge the platform starts tracking the player’s progress. Once the goal is reached, a token reward may be unlocked and credited directly to the player’s GamerGains balance.

Contest Flow

A contest loop involves one or multiple players challenging another player or a group to a specific contest. Each participant puts up some tokens as an entry fee, and at the resolution the winner gets the combined entry fees, minus a fee going into the GamerGains Treasury.
An example of a contest could be a winner-takes-all 10-player deathmatch round in CS:GO capped at 80 kills, with an entry fee of 10 $GAMER tokens. Contests can also be sponsored by GamerGains with tokens from the Community Reserve. These matches may have a free or paid entry fee.

Developer and Game Publisher Flow

Upon partnering with the platform, developers and publishers would be able to get their own functionality on the platform for the games they represent. As a first step, the entity would connect to the platform and make sure they get the necessary access to the game management dashboard.
Once Game Developers and Publishers integrate with GamerGains they could:
  • Create challenges for their game and sponsor them with tokens
  • Add assets to a GamerGains marketplace for the players to trade with
  • Receive royalties from the trading activities related to their game.
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