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Gain & Go's

Feature in Development
This feature is currently under development. We will introduce Gain & Go to the platform once we move from the Beta phase to a full release.

What are Gain & Go's?

GamerGains has created a unique product that allows any gamer with a Steam account to join a GamerGains hosted server in CS:GO.

What game modes will be hosted in these servers?

To start, we will be hosting our custom Deathmatch modes which are similar to Call of Duty Free for All's. Every gamer plays solo against 16 other players to earn $GAMER token. Every single kill is rewarded in an amount of $GAMER token. As we continue to scale these servers, a certain amount of $GAMER token may be required to stake or paid as an entry fee.

What regions are servers hosted in?

  • US West 2 - Los Angeles
  • US East 4 - North Virginia
  • EU West 2 - London
  • EU West 3 - Frankfurt
  • EU Central 2 - Warsaw
  • EU South West - Madrid
  • SA East 1 - Sao Paulo
  • Asia North East 3 - Seoul Asia
  • North East 1 - Tokyo Asia
  • East 2 - Hong Kong Asia
  • South 1 - Mumbai
  • Asia South 2 - Delhi

What is required to enter a Gain & Go?

  • An active GamerGains account
  • A valid phone number is required to authenticate your account
  • A Steam account with CS:GO Prime enabled
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